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Whole Body Cryotherapy is a more effective natural alternative to an ice bath and is much easier for the body to tolerate.  WBC is a fast growing, holistic wellness solution that promotes natural healing at the cellular level.  The process never freezes skin tissue, muscles or organs.  The result is only a pain free “feeling” of being cold.  WBC is well documented for use in health, wellness, and beauty.

​The practice of cold therapy goes back many decades.  In the 1970's,  Dr. Yamaguchi of Japan began using this method with his rheumatoid arthritis patients and found that it provided immediate pain relief.

Through further research, Dr. Yamaguchi and his associates found that dry, rapid freezing of the skin’s surface was much more effective than its wet, ice bath counterpart. 

Studies conducted in Europe over the last two decades have established WBC as a powerful treatment and is aggressively used for inflammatory disorders and injuries.  

How your body reacts to Cryotherapy

First you step into our CryoSauna.  Nitrogen vapors are released and the temperature drops to -110°F for a level 1. Level 2 is reached once the temperature drops to -160°F and level 3 is achieved at-190°F. You are in the chamber for no more than 3 minutes.  The surface temp. of your skin will decrease to about 60°F, while keeping your core temperature intact.

While you are in the chamber this causes your body go into a "fight or flight" response that protects your internal organs by pushing blood to the core where it then recirculates.

As your blood vessels begin vasoconstriction, blood circulates on an internal tract.  During this process, red blood cells are enriched with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes.  Toxins are then flushed from peripheral tissues.

After exiting the CryoSauna, blood recirculates back to the skin's surface tissue, muscle tissues and joints.  Endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins are then released to provide pain relief to affected areas of the body.

Cryotherapy participants report that they experience a multitude of benefits for 3 to 5 hours as the enriched blood continues to be flushed through their bodies.

Elite athletes use Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) to help them reduce recover time from hard workouts by relieving soreness and inflammation. WBC boost athletic performance by improving blood circulation and has proven a powerful technique for over three decades and has become the treatment of choice for many professional athletes. Watch these videos and see how the elite athletes use Cryotherapy

Much better than an ice bath!

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Whole Body Cryotherapy is not an FDA approved medical treatment. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is used to assist the body in maximizing its innate self-healing abilities. It is recommended you ask your doctor if treatment is safe and appropriate for you. For a list of contraindications Click Here.

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